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  • When I met the difficulties in the statistical analysis of the pre-test and post-test of the thesis questionnaire, I couldn't solve them all the time. On Qimo, I saw that the doctoral teacher of whx statistics company provided the tutoring service of thesis statistics, and sent the information and requirements to the doctoral teacher. With the help and guidance of the teacher, I got the results. Thank you very much for the tutoring service of the doctoral teacher of whx statistics company There are two difficulties.
    Miss Liu
    form: Kaohsiung
  • It is difficult to analyze English papers by SPSS. On Google, we can see that the doctoral teacher of whx statistics company provides the paper statistics running and guidance, sends the data and analysis requirements to the teacher, communicates with the teacher, and runs smoothly with the teacher's guidance and help. Thank you very much for the help of the doctor teacher of whx statistics company. The teacher is serious, responsible and powerful.
    Miss Zeng
    form: london
  • Previously, a local statistics company in Hong Kong was entrusted, but it failed to do a good job in medical statistics. In my anxiety, I saw the doctor teacher of whx statistics company provide statistical running and guidance, and sent the data and requirements to the doctor teacher. With the efforts of the doctor teacher, the analysis results were successfully made. I feel that Taiwan's statistics companies are more professional and the fees are reasonable.
    Dr. Li
    form: hongkong
  • It's difficult to analyze Stata data in accounting papers. On Yahoo Qimo, I saw the doctor teacher of whx statistics company provide Stata statistical running guidance. The data and requirements were sent to the doctor's teacher. Under the guidance of the doctor's teacher, the Stata code was successfully designed, and the analysis results were also run out. I would like to thank the doctor's teacher of whx statistics for his high level guidance and assistance.
    Mr. Zhang
    form: taizhong
  • When a doctoral dissertation encounters multiple linear regression, it has always been a difficult point and there is nothing to do. On Google, we can see that the doctor teacher of whx statistics company provides statistical running and statistical guidance. The information and requirements to the doctor teacher, with the help of the teacher, smoothly run out the results. Thank you for the help and guidance from the doctor of whx statistics company.
    Dr. Li
    form: taoyuan
  • When I met the difficulties in the statistical analysis of the doctoral thesis questionnaire, I couldn't find a clue. Finally, I saw Whx's assistance in the statistical analysis of the thesis questionnaire on qimo.com. With the assistance of the doctor, I got the results smoothly. Thank Whx for his assistance in the statistical analysis of the thesis questionnaire, which solved my urgent problem.
    Dr. Li
    form: Kaohsiung
  • Run into the paper statistics, helpless. On Qimo, I saw that Whx company provided the assistance of thesis statistics, and with the guidance and assistance of the doctor's teacher, I ran smoothly to get the results. Thank Whx for his high-level service.
    Mr. Lin
    form: tainan
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2021-10-14China launches a new round of knowledge renewal project for professional and technical talents
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2021-10-05Psychological consciousness, experience and behaviorism
2021-10-02The transformation of graduate tutorial system is imperative
2021-09-29The elements of scientific research are independent thinking and critical thinking
2021-09-27Researchers have made new progress in paleogeographic research
2021-09-27New cytokinin signaling pathway and molecular mechanism of rice grain size regulation
2021-09-27Doctor's Thoughts on scientific research ethics
2021-09-25Should doctoral students attend classes every week like undergraduates?
2021-09-22Pursuing a graduate degree: project and time management
2021-09-21Eriksson and identity crisis
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2021-09-19Philosophy of a sound engineer in California
2021-09-18My opinion on doing original scientific research
2021-09-17Doctor's talk on achieving carbon neutrality is inseparable from public participation
2021-09-14Scientists cooperate to achieve efficient high-dimensional quantum communication in high noise envir
2021-09-10Miss Gu Xiufang, the first strict teacher in life
2021-09-10The molecular mechanism of kinin selective recognition and receptor activation was revealed
2021-09-08How to quote and describe relevant literature in the introduction or literature review section
2021-09-06Scientists should have certain philosophical literacy
2021-09-06Soil hydrogen bacteria is a gap to open the dilemma of hydrogen biology
2021-09-01Atmosphere construction is the soul of discipline construction
2021-09-01Subject construction effect of index system evaluation
2021-09-01Importance of geological knowledge in field practice teaching of Geography
2021-09-01Let's start with postgraduates asking me for analytical data
2021-08-29My thoughts and methods of Cultivating Postgraduates
2021-08-29Doctor of statistics on how I write English scientific papers
2021-08-29A brief view on how to standardize the writing of summary papers!
2021-08-27How to choose research direction in social science research
2021-08-24Being strong is your only choice
2021-08-23On the impartiality of the evaluation of NSFC
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