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2021-09-10 13:33:28 | onclick: | Miss Gu Xiufang, the first strict teacher in life

The essence of the evolution process of human society is a two-dimensional vector surface in historical time and space. Each country, nation and place, including everyone, shapes the surface shape through various forms of interaction. The brilliant civilization created by outstanding, brave and daring to explore people and systems constitutes the upper limit of the surface, and the lower limit is depicted by the well-known dark moment. Most things study their life's efforts and struggle process, just start from their own starting point and draw a line with the average growth speed of the surface. Countless things track together to complete the filling of the surface. History and many global facts have proved that the social system is a complex giant system. Not all civilizations can continue to accumulate and develop. Sudden collapse and traps are everywhere. Sharing weal and woe is the universal law of society.

Based on this understanding, in the operation of the whole social system, individuals still need to start from their own starting point and do their best. The final behavior trajectory of each individual in the whole surface system is affected by many factors, and the quality of education investment is a very important factor. Whether for individuals or society, education determines the level of human capital, thus affecting the ability of social innovation, and finally determines the social productivity and competitive advantage with other regions.

2021 is an extremely extraordinary year. It is a key year for my psychological curve to approach the actual curve. It is also a key year for me to change from looking forward to the future to remembering the past. Looking back on my experience in the past 40 years, I was lucky to get the care, love and support of many training units and many teachers. They all made me wake up, work hard and grateful in their own ways. Among them, the primary school affiliated to Shaanxi Normal University had the greatest change in self-cultivation. The teacher's unforgettable kindness was Gu Xiufang, the head teacher of the affiliated primary school, who also taught Chinese at that time.

In the autumn of 1990, I transferred from Dazhaizi primary school in Zhouzhi County to the primary school affiliated to Shaanxi Normal University for grade 4. At that time, the school was in the school hospital of Yanta campus. Rural children have been naughty and playful since childhood. Although they have made some preparations on the first day of school, the first class is Chinese. Miss Gu was about 45 years old at that time. She was not too tall. She was wearing black leather shoes and had a very serious expression. She first checked around the whole class and asked each student to put the homework book and Xinhua Dictionary in the upper left corner, look straight ahead and walk up to me. She found that the book and Xinhua dictionary were not as neat as those placed by other students, Directly threw my book and Xinhua dictionary out of the classroom, and then ordered me to go out and listen outside the classroom. Two days later, Mr. Gu assigned his first homework. Because he was used to writing homework with a large homework book, he wrote and handed it in according to the previous A4 homework book. As soon as class the next day, Mr. Gu asked him to stand up and threw the homework book out from the second floor. These two times, Mr. Gu was very strict with me. I learned how to write with one stroke and one painting from scratch. Every night I had to write my homework very late to finish it. It was extremely painful and depressing. Sometimes my family came to see me on weekends. I said many times that I would not stay here anymore and wanted to go back to study. Over the past six months, she has been getting better slowly. Her lecture is very beautiful and her voice is clear. Until today, I still clearly remember the teacher's energetic appearance in class. In each Chinese class, the students will spend a few words talking about a famous sentence. When it's my turn, Miss Gu assigned me to talk about "diligence can make up for weakness" in advance. After I finished, she slightly praised me, expressed her affirmation of the whole transformation process, and gave me great confidence.

When I was studying in the attached primary school, one thing bothered me very much was that I came from the countryside and didn't speak Mandarin well. I often became the object of private ridicule by my classmates. The most embarrassing time was when reciting the text, there was a word whose pronunciation was not correct, which caused the whole class to laugh, but he didn't realize it. He thought he recited it wrong and recited it again, which made everyone laugh. At this time, Mr. Gu stopped everyone loudly and severely criticized the whole class. At this moment, I felt warm and had more trust and respect for Mr. Gu. Since then, every Chinese class is my happiest time. With the encouragement of Mr. Gu, I have a great interest in reading. I take books with me and read books when I have time. It may also be a habit formed at that time. Mr. Gu gives students the most strict requirements, so that students must establish good habits, and give them full respect and trust, so that students feel safe and warm,

For various reasons, I only spent three semesters in the primary school attached to normal university, but these short semesters have become the most critical process to change my later life. My later academic career achievements are relatively good, and what is more valuable is that they have given me the precious wealth to face the challenges in my life.

Many years later, about 2005, in the underground vegetable market of Yanta campus, although I haven't seen it for more than 15 years, I recognized my teacher Gu at a glance. I talked with the teacher for a long time and agreed to see her later. At that time, I moved to the new campus and had to study and work at the same time. I was really tired and failed to fulfill the agreement after all.

In Mr. Gu's class, there are many students, and we are all very good. Even today, many years later, we are still full of gratitude. We thank Dai Le (School of Physics) for his leisure company. We thank Li Hao (the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University), the daughter of my college counselor Wen Lin, who went to school with me every day. Li Jiao was the pride of our class when he went to school and is now an example for me to learn from, I will always miss the dead classmate Wang Jun of the school public security department.

We are grateful to the Affiliated Primary School of Normal University and teacher Gu. We wish all teachers and future teachers a happy holiday. May our education bring more precious wealth to the society.

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