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2021-09-08 17:25:40 | onclick: | How to quote and describe relevant literature in the introduction or literature review section

Write a summary for the next planned article in the office today. I found dozens of relevant literature. Some ideas are written. I feel it necessary to write them down and share them with you.

First of all, a complete narration should be made in one or two sentences. From the recent practice of reviewing manuscripts, it is found that some authors are too simple in quoting relevant literature. For example, some quote that "XX and others (2018) made a retrospective analysis on the application of Library artificial intelligence in the library field", which is over. Such a narrative is too simple. In addition to telling readers a review information made by XX and others, There is nothing else to say. At least one or two sentences should be used to describe the findings of XX and others related to this study (XX and others may have several findings, and it is not necessary to describe them all), or their main contributions to this topic and this field.

Second, use your own language to organize narration. Some authors are too lazy to copy other people's abstracts for summary, which is called plagiarism. The simple and effective way is to change some verbs, delete some unnecessary words and reorganize the narration. In addition, pay attention to the use of the past tense, because those studies have been published, some of them are years old.

Third, pay attention to classified narration. Classify and organize the narration according to the research theme and key points of this paper (there are many methods to write the summary, and personal practice believes that the classified narration is better). For example, this research is to study the development, application and performance evaluation of intelligent robot in inventory inventory checking of a certain Library, then the relevant literature on robot inventory can be divided into comprehensive application of robot in the field of graphics and information System development, inventory counting application, and effect evaluation after the implementation of inventory counting application, and at least three peer-reviewed literatures are found in each aspect.

Fourth, the relationship and difference between these studies and this study. If so and so's research is close to this research, what is the relationship between so and so's research and this research? Is there any inspiration for this study? Is there any repetition between this study and the study of XX and others, and what is the difference?

Fifth, use the active voice to describe and use verbs, such as so and so found, claimed, examined and so on.

Finally, the introduction or the end of the relevant literature review briefly describes the key points or assumptions and research significance of this study, especially if this study is inspired by the combing and analysis of the cited literature or comes from or borrows (including improving) the research models of other scholars as a connecting link between the preceding and the following research methods.

Share your personal views, which may not be accurate. Criticism and correction are welcome.

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