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2021-09-06 14:51:53 | onclick: | Scientists should have certain philosophical literacy

A few days ago, when I was having dinner with some friends, two big guys somehow talked about philosophy. An old man said, "I don't think philosophy is useful. I don't understand philosophy, but it doesn't affect scientific research. Articles are distributed and projects are taken." An old sister retorted: "whether you understand philosophy or not, you unconsciously use philosophy in your scientific research life, such as speaking logic, daring to question, looking at problems organically, and so on, which belong to the category of philosophy." Because there were several dishes coming up one after another at that time, I was afraid that the two people would argue and affect everyone's dinner, so I became a peacemaker and advised: "what you said is reasonable, but this problem is too profound. Let's find a chance to discuss it slowly in the future." The eldest sister smiled and said, "no, you have to talk about your views, otherwise you will be fined three glasses of wine." In order to avoid drinking, I replied, "I'll just say it. If I don't specifically understand philosophy, I may become a good scientist; But if you know some philosophy and have a certain philosophical literacy, you may become a better scientist. " Look, that's pretty good. ha-ha.

After coming back, I think it's worth writing an article on this topic, or it can play a role in attracting jade. While I woke up early today, I knocked the keyboard while thinking and wrote the following words.

As we all know, the relationship between matter and consciousness is not only a question that scientists but also philosophers have been trying to explore and give the correct answer. The world is an objective material world, and people's understanding of objective things is the reflection of subjective consciousness. The understanding may be correct, approximately correct, partially correct or even completely wrong. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct way of thinking. Philosophy, especially modern philosophy, aims to go beyond experience and get rid of the shackles of all kinds of superficial knowledge. It is a systematic refinement and summary of human reliable thinking mode for a long time, which is beneficial to our correct understanding of the unknown world. Therefore, scientists understand some philosophy, so they have a certain philosophical quality. There is no doubt that they can avoid detours, avoid traps and correct deviation on the journey of overcoming difficulties. So why not?!

Throughout the history of science, the expression of science shaped by great scientists is not only principles and theories, but also a world outlook on how to look at the movement and evolution of things - great philosophical thought! Philosophy helps scientists to think rationally, question rationally and explore rationally, and urges them to become great thinkers and philosophers first, and then recognized as great scientists. On this, Einstein said: "if philosophy is understood as the pursuit of knowledge in the most universal and extensive form, then philosophy can be regarded as the mother of all scientific research."

Philosophy can provide scientists with reliable ways of thinking, such as abstraction and generalization, decomposition and synthesis, induction and deduction, identification and judgment, which helps scientists analyze and solve problems according to a certain effective routine, so as to approach the truth conveniently.

Improving philosophical literacy can strengthen scientists' rational thinking ability, that is, not superstitious about authority, not blindly following conventions and not stubborn, so as to develop their own in-depth thinking ability and innovation ability.

Improving philosophical literacy can strengthen the rational critical spirit of scientists, which helps to broaden their horizons, break the Convention, question Chen's theories and draw on the strengths of others.

Improving philosophical literacy can strengthen the ability of scientists to explore the essential mechanism and law of things, and avoid being too entangled in trivial details, which is helpful to put forward the principle and theory of universality.

Improving philosophical literacy can strengthen scientists' ability to comprehensively, systematically and organically insight into problems, so as to avoid falling into the quagmire of thinking. For example, many scholars believe that "main earthquakes" in a certain area occur in isolation, and there is no connection between "main earthquakes". From a philosophical point of view, there must be something wrong with this understanding; According to our scientific understanding, as long as the earthquake is located in an earthquake area, no matter how far away it is, it is internally related, just as the fracture events in a rock block are related. It is not difficult to judge which is right or wrong. I once said to a big guy, "if you can produce a leader with high philosophical and scientific literacy in your circle, you can also burn high incense and lead you out of the quagmire and onto the sunshine Avenue as soon as possible."

Improving philosophical literacy can strengthen scientists' academic appreciation. Such scientists can often identify those truly original achievements, see the key loopholes in others' research work at a glance, and will never be fooled by fancy academic juggling.

Scientific research has the characteristics of random way and uncertain path. This means that scientists have the right way of thinking; No way, no way. In order to restrict randomness and uncertainty and enhance pertinence, scientists need to improve their philosophical literacy - to expand their thinking space and ability with philosophy; In this way, we can find "another village with a bright future" from the confusion of "mountains and rivers have no way".

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