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2021-09-01 12:53:21 | onclick: | Subject construction effect of index system evaluation

Since the last round of discipline evaluation, the construction of double first-class universities has gone through a cycle. Under the command of this index system, some new characteristics appear in the discipline construction, which is worthy of attention. These characteristics can be summarized as positive and negative. In order to promote the construction and development of world-class universities, the author believes that the new round of discipline evaluation should pay more attention to the adverse aspects. Here is a brief introduction.

1. Trigger discipline expansion construction. The discipline evaluation under the guidance of the index system leads to the desire for large and comprehensive discipline construction, leading to the expansion of discipline construction and development. If this is not done, the corresponding index requirements cannot be met and the evaluation results will be affected. Therefore, many disciplines try their best to carry out expansionary construction and development in the process of construction. On the one hand, it may lead to the further waste of limited resources, on the other hand, it makes the discipline construction unable to focus and lose the clear and specific pursuit goal. The result of discipline expansion construction directly affects the level of discipline construction and leads to deviation from the pursuit of world-class discipline construction. It is not conducive to the construction of real world "first-class disciplines".

2. Induce disorderly competition and flow of talents. In recent years, due to the index requirements for high-end talents and "hat" talents in discipline construction, many universities have continuously recruited all kinds of talents regardless of cost and discipline characteristics. Induce disorderly competition and flow of talents across the country. Some universities with abundant funds and advantageous geographical location have become advantageous groups in the construction of talent team in the process of talent competition and made a lot of profits. However, some universities with cash strapped pockets and poor geographical location have suffered in this competition similar to the "battle". The most prominent is a famous university in the west, which takes "stick to and struggle" as its motto to deal with this difficult and embarrassing situation. Q: in today's highly competitive job hunting in Colleges and universities, which university in the world uses "persistence" as its motto? The tragic degree of disorderly competition for talents can be seen from this!

The disordered talent competition of "there must be brave men under heavy reward" should be closely related to the discipline evaluation under the command of the index system, which is the direct manifestation of the role of the index baton. The result has deviated from the grand goal and normal track of the construction of "first-class university".

3. Hinder discipline personality development and characteristic construction. The requirement of the index system for discipline construction is large and comprehensive, which needs to meet the standards in all aspects, so as to achieve the "degree of compliance", "degree of achievement" and so on. This will inevitably not affect the personality development and characteristic construction of disciplines and schools. Without characteristics and personality, everyone is moving in the same direction. We all need to build a large-scale and complex comprehensive university. On the one hand, the current resources are limited and it is difficult to achieve the expected purpose; On the other hand, it is difficult for universities to become truly "world-class" without personality and characteristics!

Moreover, in China, some universities and disciplines do not need to be built and developed according to the index system. They are also world-class universities and disciplines. For example, Chinese language and literature, if we still need to invest heavily in the development and construction according to the index system, what about our mother tongue? On the other hand, no matter how you build and develop some disciplines and universities according to the index system, it is difficult to become a real world-class university and discipline. Therefore, the discipline evaluation under the command of the index system will affect the personality development and characteristic construction of the discipline. It is not conducive to the innovation of education and teaching.

4. Influence the birth of landmark achievements. Discipline evaluation does not have a five-year cycle. According to the index system, landmark major achievements are required to be produced within 5 years, which is basically not in line with the law of scientific research. Most of the so-called landmark achievements may be the product of "short and fast". Therefore, the index system of discipline evaluation may also give birth to impetuous and vain academic research.

5. Affect the normal teaching and scientific research activities of colleges and universities. Almost all colleges and universities, entering the evaluation year, take discipline evaluation as a top priority from top to bottom. In the face of evaluation, no university can neglect to deal with it. Almost the whole school needs to respond to the evaluation. Colleges and universities entering the evaluation period are like entering the "wartime" state. They need to implement the tasks one by one and item by item according to the evaluation index system. In addition to various conferences and small meetings, various "actual combat" exercises should also be carried out. From leaders to grass-roots front-line teachers in Colleges and universities, they can't help getting involved. Its impact on normal teaching and scientific research activities can be imagined.

Of course, the subject evaluation led by the index system has its advantages, has a certain positive impact on the subject construction and has a good effect. Here we talk about his shortcomings and hope to optimize it to play a better and more effective role in discipline evaluation.

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