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2021-09-01 12:51:29 | onclick: | Let's start with postgraduates asking me for analytical data

Recently, I received another e-mail. A doctoral student from a domestic research institution asked me for geochemical analysis data of Xiangjiang River sediments. Previously, a graduate student asked me for data on Dongting Lake Sediments and Xuefengshan gold mine isotopes. Students asked me for relevant data to conduct research on the paper, which should have been supported. But the students' e-mail asking for data reminds me of a lot of problems.

I am not only a researcher who has not done well in scientific research, but also a researcher who has done very hard and tortuous scientific research. In the past 30 years of scientific research, he has received no more than 180 w of financial support. He always pays a lot of energy to strive for scientific research funds everywhere. He always draws water with a bamboo basket and is always empty! Although my scientific research achievements are not outstanding and there are not so many SCI papers, looking back on my experience over the years, I have a clear conscience about the financial support I have received! For a project of more than 30 W, I spent 14 w on a profile test, and also published a series of papers, including SCI. Moreover, I should be the first to publish articles in this field in China. But the follow-up research can not be supported. The study of Xiangjiang River sediments is a subject of more than 40 W. I have carried out systematic test and analysis from elements, minerals and isotopes to the isotopic analysis extracted by 1m HCl and BCR. I have also issued good articles, and the follow-up work can not be supported. I'm used to being suppressed and getting used to it. My only feeling is that I can afford the taxpayer's hard-earned money. It's hard for me to do scientific research in China, because there are a few cow people who call the wind and rain after all. Can only understand long live, because no one will care about the relationship between the financial support invested and the results obtained! Project review experts will only pay attention to your achievements when reviewing your project, and will not care how much financial support you get! This is the reality, the iron reality!

Graduate students who come to ask me for analysis and test data should read our series of papers and know the solid reliability of the materials and data we have accumulated. But for these graduate students, I can learn about their tutors' scientific research through relevant channels. I found that their tutors received more than 5 to 10 times my financial support. My analysis data is also made out of taxpayers' hard-earned money. It should have been shared so as not to do repetitive work. And it is also a graduate student, so it should be provided free of charge. But the subjects I applied for have been hacked and killed by you again and again, and you are doing my same research and asking me for data. Why? Therefore, please understand and understand those graduate students who were rejected by me. Long live understanding! If my data is given to you, it may become the material for some people's project handover and repair! I don't even know if I posted an article.

It's another year. Don't talk about it. Mind your own business. But it's not good for everyone to play like this.

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