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2021-08-29 10:08:43 | onclick: | My thoughts and methods of Cultivating Postgraduates

Different graduate tutors have different methods to guide graduate students according to their own experience and personality. I don't think there is a standard model; Even if the same tutor guides a group of graduate students, there may be differences for each graduate student. Therefore, I will only talk about some of my personal experience.

Since I graduated as a doctor in 2003, I have assisted and guided more than ten master and doctoral postgraduates in Zhejiang University and South China University of technology. By 2012, 7 master postgraduates have graduated and 5 are studying independently, of which 7 have won the National Award for postgraduates. My method of guiding graduate students is influenced by my tutor Professor Qian Yu, Professor Tian Jingkui of Zhejiang University and my personal character, and mainly draws lessons from Professor Tian's style of guiding graduate students.

I studied for five years under Mr. Qian, and received the guidance of Professor Qian Yu, Professor Jiang Yanbin, researcher Li xiuxi, Professor Zhang Lijuan and Professor Ji Hongbing. As a doctor, Mr. Qian mainly selects a certain field. Let's look at the literature, pay attention to the latest international conferences and see the work being done by internationally renowned research teams. I once had insomnia at noon because of my doctoral study, which disrupted the law of my life for many years; I was also very anxious. I made two opening reports in the engineering museum one night. As a doctoral student, my overall training is mainly how to layout my writing. A thesis has been revised more than ten times in Chinese and English; How to explore and find scientific problems by yourself, and so on. Most of Mr. Qian's subordinates accept stocking management. Of course, it is mainly the ideological exploration of specific topics within the designated scope, but it also brings up the relatively independent ability of our teachers and brothers. Mr. Qian's method of guiding postgraduates is related to the fact that he recruits more doctors and masters.

After graduating from the doctor's degree, I went to work in Zhejiang University. I personally felt that he was another style in Mr. Tian's research group. Mr. Tian just came to Zhejiang University in 2004, quickly recruited some master students and brought some undergraduate graduation projects. His guiding ideology is to think of specific topics and do a good demonstration for each graduate student. Master's students have just transformed from undergraduate, and even their writing is not smooth, so they can save a lot of time to explore topics. In this way, during the two or three years of postgraduate training, we can quickly complete the established topics, produce some results and graduate smoothly.

Although I have graduated for many years, I obey the team arrangement and have been doing enterprise projects until 2012. I have a gentle personality and often think of my trembling when I was in graduate school, so I can always put myself in the position of guiding graduate students. When I started to recruit graduate students, I made it clear in my personal profile that if you intend to study for a master's degree, please do not contact me to study for a master's degree. While training graduate students, I still need graduate students to help me make some achievements and make the snowball roll! Because most undergraduates have limited scientific research training, even if there are loopholes in writing Chinese papers and correctly quoting references, the tutor helps him determine the direction of the subject, and the mentoring and guidance of the teacher brothers is particularly important. As soon as I enter school, I will quickly think of a good topic for the students, considering the continuity of the whole group and the inheritance of the experimental methods of senior brothers and junior brothers. Since 2012, the methods of training graduate students have been constantly improved, but the main idea is basically the same: each graduate student can do experiments for at least 14 months; The first year of postgraduate study starts to contact the experiment. The third year of postgraduate study is controlled by itself. You can have a lot of time to find a job, but you are encouraged to continue the experiment or small paper, but the premise is that there are already 3-6 SCI workload. Except the first graduate student wz1 under my independent guidance, all other graduate students have won national scholarships. Wz1 helped me gradually sort out some specific details of the experiment and contributed to the creation of the scientific research atmosphere of the group. I still remember that he thought in front of me that I had a discussion about llj3 and LD2 in the lower grade. The unity and harmony of teachers, brothers and sisters, and unreserved inheritance and guidance are my greatest comfort in guiding graduate students! I remember every bit of the graduate students I guide! Starting this year, I asked junior graduate students to read at least one English thesis every week, take notes, extract good words and sentences, and lay a good foundation for writing their own English thesis.

Teaching and learning grow together, teachers and students work together!

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