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2021-08-29 10:07:05 | onclick: | Doctor of statistics on how I write English scientific papers

There are two days left for school. Yesterday, I sent my first blog post on science.com. Thank you for your love. I was a little flattered to be on the blog home page of science.com! Personally, I think the paragraph structure is still clear, and the writing of each paragraph is still a little messy. Fortunately, I can understand it. There's just a little time. I want to write something about this title! In our college, there are CNSs and more than top articles in the first area of cattle magazine in the field of chemical and chemical energy every year. I am an unknown person in my native place. The papers issued are neither tall nor many, but also to meet the needs of the development of the situation, so they are only for reference and give you some clumsy thoughts to look up to my friends; For the big guys, please laugh it off.

Whether Chinese or English, the key to scientific papers is to have goods, dry goods and content, followed by structure, grammar and so on. I won't discuss dry goods here. I'll mainly talk about some opinions on how to write after there is content.

My scientific paper writing and even Chinese writing level were improved with the help of my doctoral supervisor Professor Qian Yu. He was also one of the best in Chinese in Wuxi college entrance examination at that time. Mr. Qian helped me revise two English papers. Each paper came and went back from Chinese to English more than ten times. I finally wrote down some points and benefited a lot. As mentioned in the science net blog, almost 20 years ago, Mr. Qian asked us to clarify your content in one minute, summarize your report today in a few words, and so on. When getting the first draft of the paper, the structure should be reasonable. At least refer to the journals to be submitted to achieve similarity, such as reference format, abstract keywords, chart format, punctuation, etc. There are many kinds of references alone. Basically, the graduate students I brought can write references satisfactorily without a first draft. There are several places to use abbreviations, case, where spaces are needed, journal abbreviations and italics, and English periods. I think there are twenty or thirty mistakes made by different students in a single reference. I have been writing and modifying Chinese and English papers for many years, and I have been trained to be as bright as a torch, but I also have some mistakes occasionally. How the introduction of the paper is fascinating, without nonsense, is also very important. When I was a doctor and sat next to Mr. Qian to change my thesis, he would ask whether this sentence was useful, what you wanted to express, and what it had to do with the previous and next sentences. They were linked together. If it was useless, he would cross it out with you immediately. I feel uneasy. It's a bit like a new driver. If you don't pay attention to the coach knocking on the back of your hand, I'll think about it when I change it later. Be more rigorous and be aware of it, but it's inevitable that I will sometimes be asked by Mr. Qian. Another impressive paper format problem was also taught by Mr. Qian. After the formula appears in the paper, the code of the formula should be explained later. Usually, this explanation should be written in the top frame instead of another paragraph.

English scientific papers are more difficult for Dr. rabbit. On this point, I remember that Professor Cheng Yiyu of Zhejiang University told me in front of me that you read more English articles that are good in your field. It's nothing more than that 30-50 sentence idiom. I still think it makes sense today! In the early stage since 2013, I have funded students to develop ideas for the project, and my colleagues have helped me modify my English and published many papers. Since the beginning of 2017, due to the new pursuit of my colleagues, in addition to continuing the finishing work, I gradually guided the revision of English papers independently. So far, seven or eight articles have been published in English, and basically no English has been rejected due to writing. Usually, in the early stage, I will find out the journal papers in my field in recent two or three years and send them to my graduate students for intensive reading. I will also read some papers intermittently and pay attention to the field situation. At the same time, I will review about 10 English papers every year. We are good at summarizing our research and know these routines, such as passive voice, the application of turning conjunctions, etc. I believe my English level has not actually met the requirements of the journal, but because the content is acceptable, the editors can tolerate foreigners in their eyes, such as my English writing. Finally, the editors will help us proof. In addition, I feel that the subject predicate object attributive complement of junior middle school Chinese is still good. I will also integrate this idea in English writing. All languages are interlinked. Therefore, in each sentence, I will consider the subject predicate object attributive complement, including various clauses, and then look at the tense, singular and plural, and the red on the face of word. Dr. rabbit's native way, barely able to pass the English test.

To publish an English paper, generally speaking, the first is that the content is good, the second is to read and learn more papers in the same field, and the third is to write carefully and choose words and sentences. I hope what I'm talking about here is of some use to some new entrants and new writers.

In addition, graduate students, can you think about every sentence in your paper?

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