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2021-08-29 10:06:45 | onclick: | A brief view on how to standardize the writing of summary papers!

A few days ago, I helped a literature reading contest organized for college students to review 7 review papers. The structure and content of the papers are not very ideal. Basically none of the seven articles satisfied me. Of course, I can understand. It is estimated that most of them are untrained undergraduates. Some management workers often think that a review paper does not need experiments. Scientific researchers in science and engineering can complete a review paper in Chinese core or even EI and SCI by looking at the literature and using their brains, which is easier than issuing experimental data papers. In fact, on the contrary, review papers are more difficult to write than experimental data papers. As long as the data is systematic and reasonable, the experimental data can often be written quickly. However, the review paper not only needs to look at a large number of documents, classify and refine them, and find out the similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses. The author also has to refine his own ideas. Some people can also point out the development trend and direction of this small field and have a forward-looking role in this field. Based on the above ideas, I have targeted the evaluation of those review papers, and it is good if the content can have its own language induction. In today's blog post, I will mainly talk about the overall problems encountered in the evaluation of these seven articles, discuss how to write review papers and suggest basic training for undergraduate thesis writing.

It is reasonable that all the papers should be able to win, which is actually a little unsatisfactory. Most of them have appropriate topics, one of which is directly entitled "literature review", but the file name still has a substantive topic; There are three or four articles that are chaotic as a whole. They are divided into paragraphs, but not sub sections. They are full of four or five thousand words, without a sense of hierarchy; Some obvious copy and paste marks can be seen, sometimes Chinese commas and sometimes English commas, and there are half width spaces between Chinese characters; The last five words of some complete sentences are two or three lines away from their brothers and sisters; Some tables are screenshots directly from other articles; Some references are not cited in the main body, some are placed at the beginning of a sentence, and some work done by foreigners appears in the main body. There is no corresponding reference behind, of course, there is no label; Finally, the references of the paper are in a mess. They simply can't have the energy or will carefully see whether the format is correct. They are usually copied and pasted in other documents. There are various formats after the entries, so they can't enter the eyes; Wait and so on! As for content, there are fewer people who can have their own language!

In terms of the nature of the paper, like other normal data papers, review papers should also have title, author, author unit, Chinese and English abstracts, Chinese and English keywords, introduction, substantive content structure, conclusion or prospect, references, beautifully made charts, etc. For college students who want to explore the way of scientific research, they can also refer to similar review papers. Just as children learn to speak and walk or children learn to draw, they can start with imitation. The title is to be given. Generally, it is to refine the core sentence of your paper. You can also see how to choose the title of a review paper similar to the one you want to write. The font size of title, abstract, text, references and chart descriptions should have a sense of hierarchy“ The words "abstract" and "abstract" are usually bold or prominent, and roughly use four to eight lines to describe the overall content and Prospect of your paper. There are usually three or five keywords. The introduction can be long or short. For Chinese papers, it is less than one page, usually half a page or two-thirds of a page, which is more appropriate to account for the weight of the whole paper. There may be a large number of references in the introduction. At this time, it is necessary to mark them reasonably. First, it should be in order. Chinese is usually in Arabic numerals, and foreign languages sometimes in Pinyin letters. Second, the bid winning number in the text corresponds to the last reference part one by one. Third, the position of the subject is usually at the end of the sentence of the quoted content; As for how to quote references, I read more papers. There are various styles and forms, so I won't repeat them one by one. For summary papers, the text is relatively difficult to write. You should find out what you need in a large number of papers, and you should have your own paper structure after reading it. What kind of papers should be classified? I suggest that the best method is to classify and explain in tables, which is intuitive! After the table is listed, analyze the table. Remember that whether it is a summary paper or a data paper, you can't throw a table where, just tell what the table is, and don't analyze its data. For chart making, it would be better if more papers could be placed together and verified by comparison; If you quote directly, try your best to draw. In particular, the tables are generally remade by yourself. The screenshots are generally very vague! Conclusion or prospect is the test of the author, which is the soul of the review paper. Therefore, most of the review papers come from the celebrities, bigwigs or their doctoral students who have achieved success in this field. Of course, a few will fall into the hands of the people who do some substantive work, which is understandable! References only refer to the format of published papers. Each article should be consistent. Each article should consider how the author abbreviates, how to use case, how to separate it with punctuation, and how to end it; Whether the thesis title of English literature is capitalized or all entity English initials; Whether the journal name is abbreviated or capitalized, or all entity words are capitalized and punctuated; How to mark the annual volume and page number, how to write the middle punctuation mark and whether to use points or not at the end of the whole document should be considered. I even told my graduate students that we must keep all references consistent with each other. If it is wrong, everyone is the same, neat and uniform!

Now there are usually literature retrieval courses in college. I think it should be combined with thesis writing, and how to carry out ppt report will be more systematic and continuous. Literature retrieval is not only to teach you how to retrieve Chinese and English journals, Chinese and English patents and Chinese and English dissertations, but also to learn how to look at and imitate, so as to basically master the writing norms of papers. By allowing college students to try summary papers, they can save the systematic work of experiments, read a large number of documents in their spare time, master the writing norms of a basic scientific and technological paper, and lay a good foundation for their graduation thesis or participating in some competition reports in the future. At this time, they should lower the standard for their innovation, just guide them not to paste and copy online or journal papers, Using your own language is the top grade. Literature retrieval and thesis writing should be included in the compulsory courses of science and engineering. It is very important to invite some responsible and experienced teachers to teach, which is very important to cultivate college students' writing ability. A group of two or three students can be organized. It is not suitable for too many students to form a group. It is inevitable to make soy sauce. At the end of the semester, they will not only hand in their review papers, but also ask them to report on the stage, guide them ppt how to make and understand the norms of basic academic reports. And many students together, even if they do not do well, you can also see how the teacher comments and how many hearts have some impressions. The next time they make a report at the end of the design at the latest, they will know how to avoid obvious problems.

The above are some of my humble opinions! It's hard to do everything! In my impression, I can write a book on how to search literature and how to write. I can only write about two or three thousand words!

Generally speaking, imitation first, meticulous and serious!

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