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2021-08-15 15:23:30 | onclick: | The premise of breaking through the deadlock of scientific research - finding the fulcrum

Archimedes once said such heroic words: "give me a fulcrum, I can pry the whole earth." This is not a slogan, but a belief. Although there is no such fulcrum, he vividly explains the physical connotation of the lever principle.

Different people may have different interpretations of the moral of this sentence. In my foolish opinion, this sentence can be extended to: as long as we find the breaking point (fulcrum) of four or two kilos, no matter how difficult it is, we can solve it with simple and high tricks. I have read the story of the cook's solution to the cow. It was a very hard job to solve the cow, but it became an artistic enjoyment in the cook's eyes, because he fully mastered the law of understanding the cow - starting at the joints, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort with perfect skills.

In order to break through the scientific research deadlock in a certain discipline, we need to explore the breaking point. Finding and playing the breaking point is equivalent to clarifying the breakthrough point. With continuous efforts, we will expand the results like a snowball. This is just like pushing dominoes. As long as the first dominoes fall, the subsequent bigger dominoes will fall in turn.

However, the difficulty lies in how to find the breaking point. For any existing scientific problems, predecessors have done a lot of work and almost exhausted all the ways they can think of. This means that there is little way forward along the previous ways, and we need to find another way out of the dilemma. To open up new roads, we must have good ideas. To produce good ideas, we must make bold assumptions around the birthplace of the phenomenon and with the concept of bold questioning and bold imagination, but bold assumptions should follow the principles of rationality and logical self consistency to avoid falling into the trap. For example, inspired by the previous study of locked slopes, at the beginning of our study of earthquakes, we thought that the main source of tectonic earthquakes is faults. We should first find out what kind of faults can produce large earthquakes. The material in the fault can be divided into three situations: (1) it is all soft medium( 2) All high strength media( 3) Weak medium section and high-strength medium section are distributed at intervals along the fault. At that time, we made the following simple reasoning: in the first case, because it is impossible to accumulate high energy, it is impossible to have a large earthquake; In the second case, it is difficult for faults to move and produce earthquakes; For the third case, the high-strength section (locking section) can accumulate high energy and the fault can move, which is qualified for a large earthquake. In this way, we found the breaking point (fulcrum) - the locking section and its fracture behavior, and then found the appropriate "lever" - established the mechanical connection between the peak strength point of the locking section and the volume expansion point, and continued to add force to this "lever" - unremittingly studied, thus prying the earthquake - embarked on the broad road of seismic research. Well, after the "advertisement" episode, it's time to switch to the drama, hehe.

Once an idea is carefully verified, that is, after a good idea is formed, it can not be complacent. Continue to think deeply to produce more good ideas. If these good ideas are related and coordinated, academic ideas can be formed. The main basis for judging whether the academic thought is reliable is: (1) whether it is closely related to the mechanism and has been preliminarily verified( 2) Whether the logical structure involved is extremely simple. If the answer is yes, congratulations.

In the process of forming academic thought, we should pay attention to: (1) be good at condensing and solving key scientific problems. When the key problem (outline) is solved, the secondary problem (item) can often be solved. It is the so-called outline( 2) We must simplify, simplify and then simplify the logical structure. When simplified to the extreme, not only the academic thought is highly scientific, but also it is easier to be understood and accepted by others( 3) Be good at going out, listen to others' different opinions with an open mind and brainstorm, so as to reduce thinking loopholes and avoid detours.

Under the guidance of correct academic thought, the established theory should have the universality of describing the evolution of a certain kind of things. Obviously, according to the universality theory, we can reliably predict the future evolution of the thing, so as to benefit mankind. This is not only the peak of scientific research achievements, but also enough to pry the shackles of some earth people's stubborn old ideas, so as to promote the substantial progress of science.

Researchers in different disciplines can refer to the humble opinion of this paper, so as to find the breaking point (fulcrum) as soon as possible, so as to break through the scientific research deadlock in their own research field and make outstanding achievements.

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